The seminar will address the historic and history of Burma and today’s Myanmar including an overview of minority peoples’ own histories and a special focus on Rohingya Crisis in Northern Arakan/ Rakhine state and Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Myanmar’s horrific and savage destruction of Rohingya is described by theIndependent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar established by United Nation Human Rights Council as a genocidal act committed by Myanmar Armed Forces.

The Myanmar military’s brutal and horrific actions against the Kachin and Shan peoples, are Acts of War Crimes and Acts of Crimes Against Humanity. Myanmar has thus  undoubtedly committed  genocide against the Rohingya people.

And the International community has so far failed to stop these crimes of all crimes, Genocide against Rohingya.

About 750 000 Rohingyas – children, women and men – fled their home country to Bangladesh 25 Aug until Dec 2017, now captured in refugee camps. It seems to be no return since their own original houses and land in the Rakhine state is leveled by machines, in part to cover mass graves, and sold out for business purposes, even to foreign owners.

To shed more light on Myanmar’s genocide of Rohingya, and on atrocities against other minority folks – like Kachin, Karen and Shan peoples –  The Swedish Rohingya Association is, in cooperation with The European Rohingya Council, organizing this seminar.


Abul Kalam 

Historic Burma and Today’s Myanmar by Abul Kalam. Kalam is a Rohingya lives in Stockholm Sweden and organizer and facilitator of this seminar. He is the founder and chairs of The Swedish Rohing ya Association(SRA).
He is a founder and board member of The European Rohingya Council(ERC) co-organizer of this seminar.

Mohammad Rafique

Psychological traumas hunting Rohingya rape victims and how can we support them by Mr. Mohammad Rafique, a Rohingya blogger” The Stateless” and council member of the European Rohingya Council.  He won Ireland’s prestigious “Volunteer of the Year 2017” for his affords in the resettlement of Rohingya community in Ireland and other works for integration.

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Bli medlem och stöd oss att utveckla våra verksamheter att stoppa folkmordet i Burma/myanmar

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Organized by

The Swedish Rohingya Association(SRA) & The European Rohingya Council (ERC)