Photo from Rohingya seminar at MR-dagarna

On 15-17 November, The Swedish Rohingya Association (SRA) organized two seminar. First seminar “Burma/Myanmar-Historic Burma and Today’s Myanmar” conducted on Thursday November 15, at the Global Scene in The Swedish from for Human Rights/MR-dagarna in Stockholm International exhibition hall in Sweden. The host and convener was Kalam, chairman of The Swedish Rohingya Association and a founder member of The European Rohingya Council and key speaker was Mr. Mohammad Rafique, board member of Rohingya Ireland Action, media secretary of The European Rohingya Council, a winner of the Volunteer Ireland Award year 2017 and Rohingya refugee, who advocate for the human rights of Rohingya people globally.

from left:Rafique, Kalam and johan

The seminar addressed the historic and history of Burma and today’s Myanmar including an overview of minority people’s own histories and showed a short documentary film of Rohingya’s suffering in Bangladesh and resettlement program in Republic of Ireland.
The Second Seminar, “Genocide of Rohingya and Oppression of Minorities in Myanmar” conducted on Friday November 16, in the Conference hall no: C7. The seminar co-sponsored by The Swedish forum for Human Rights (MR-dagarna) the Nordic largest forum for Human Rights.
The key speaker and moderator was Dr. Ambia Parveen. She is a Rohingya Pediatric Consultant and has been actively working for the rights of Rohingya people. She is currently vice-chairwoman of The European Rohingya Council and lives in Germany. She said, “the conference aims to inform Swedish civil society, Politicians and the European public about the on-going genocide of Rohingya people in Myanmar/Burma. We hope to be able to help influence public opinion, which in turn will demand that the EU leaders take their shared political and human responsibility to make the call: “End Rohingya Genocide!” Never again.”

From left:Ms.Kristina och Dr. Ambia

Dr. Ambia stated, “I myself as a pediatrician and child psychiatrist after my job I come every nights and do counseling for the rape victims living right now at the refugee camp and the children with the PTS (Postural tachycardia syndrom) I counseled them. So every time I talked to them. I feel that I had been raping every night.”
The seminar addressed on Myanmar’s horrific and savage destruction of Rohingya, described by the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar established by United Nation Human Rights Council as a genocidal act committed by Myanmar Armed Forces. “The Myanmar military’s brutal and horrific actions against the Kachin and Shan peoples, are Acts of War Crimes and Acts of Crimes Against Humanity. Myanmar has thus undoubtedly committed genocide against the Rohingya people.” And the International community has so far failed to stop these crimes of all crimes, Genocide against Rohingya.
About 750 000 Rohingyas – children, women and men – fled their home country to Bangladesh 25 Aug until Dec 2017, now captured in refugee camps. It seems to be no return since their own original houses and land in the Rakhine state is leveled by machines, in part to cover mass graves, and sold out for business purposes, even to foreign owners. To shed more light on Myanmar’s genocide of Rohingya, and on atrocities against other minority folks – like Kachin, Karen and Shan peoples.
A group of prominent human rights activists, genocide scholars and practitioners of international law gathered at The Swedish from for Human Rights/MR-dagarna in Stockholm International exhibition hall for the first-ever seminar in Sweden Genocide of Rohingya and Oppression of Minorities in Myanmar.
Dr. Abdul Malik Mujahid, an award-winning author and producer, chair of Burma Task Force USA to stop the genocide of Rohingyas in Burma, addressed on the role of EU member States to stop on-going genocide against Rohingya and International Crimes against other minorities in Burma or Myanmar. He said, “ what do Rohingya want? This is a genocide and world should be declared and involve that there would not be again genocide.”

Dr. Abdul Malik Mujahid

He stated more, “Genocide of Rohingya is on-going in Myanmar. Considering that the world inaction on Rohingya genocide is resulting not only Burmese now attacking other minorities like Kachins, but neighboring China sending a million plus Uyghur Muslim to concentration camps and India taking away citizenship of 4 million Assamis.”

Ms. Kristina Jelmin

Ms.Kristina Jelmin, Executive Director of the Swedish Burma Committee addressed on the role of the international community in responding to grave human rights violations and abuses in Myanmar. She said,“The Burmese military has continues to dominant rule in politics and they also act complete impunity and so infect the Burmese military had never been held any accountability of atrocities it has committed.”

Mr. Jan Wihlborg

Mr. Jan Wihlborg, board member of The Swedish Rohingya Association (SRA) delivered his speech demanding by imposed sanction against both Myanmar so called Civilian government and Military and calling for the world’s actions to end Myanmar genocide. He stated, “Swedish Foreign Minister Wallström believes that sanctions against Burma would close the path “to dialogue and negotiation”.
Jan Further said, “What is there to negotiate when there is no counter party? What’s going on right now is a regular genocide. And it’s in a hurry to stop it or immediately without delay time”. What should be done to stop this on going genocide that our recommendations are:

• Condemn the current situation – the Burmese government and military force, which can be referred to as genocide.
• Band of visa travel to abroad against, responsible military, responsible government and parliamentarians.
• Block the assets of responsible military and responsible government and parliamentarians abroad.
• Stop Swedish project assistance to Burma.
• Close our Swedish aid office in Rangoon. Svenska Sida sender shall immediately leave the country.
• Trade barriers could also be resorted, especially as regards trade with companies whose owners have relations with the military and government.
The Seminar rejected the view of Swedish government, who believe on dialog with Myanmar so called Civilian government ruling by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s party NLD, even the seminar rejected the view that only a UN-authorized tribunal can decide whose collective sufferings and which acts of violence and destruction amount to genocide.
Abul Kalam, chairman of The Swedish Rohingya Association, closed the seminar by appealing to Swedish government, scholars and politicians are taking up the cause of the Rohingya people who make up the world’s largest population of “stateless people”.