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We believe in equal rights for human beings.

Over 650 Myanmar/Burma Civil Society ...

Over 650 Myanmar/Burma Civil Society Actors Speak Out on the Reality of the Transition
By Burma Partnership | October 21, The forum titled, “Civil Societies’ Review on Myanmar/Burma’s Transition Process: Prospects for 2015 and Beyond”, held on 15 – 17 October 2014 at the Myanmar Christian Fellowship of the Blind Center in Rangoon, brought together over 650 representatives from 257 organizations and networks from across the coun [...]

Burma Blockades Rohingya, Tries to Er...

Burma Blockades Rohingya, Tries to Erase Name
By Robin McDowell,AP new Thursday October 9, 2014 RANGOON — Authorities sealed off villages in Burma’s only Muslim-majority region and in some cases beat and arrested people who refused to register with immigration officials, residents and activists say, in what may be the most aggressive effort yet to force Rohingya to indicate they are ille [...]

Making a Mockery of Democracy

Making a Mockery of Democracy
By BERTIL  LINTNER, September 02, 2014 When the generals who previously ruled Myanmar first said in 2003 that they wanted to introduce a “discipline-flourishing democracy,” it was far from clear what they meant. Presumably, it would be different from so-called “Western-style democracy,” but beyond that, it was anybody’s guess what they had in [...]

Young Rohingya Woman Chases Dream of ...

Young Rohingya Woman Chases Dream of Peace and Justice
By Thin Lei Win/Thomson Reuters Foundation, Septembers 03, 2014 RANGOON — Wai Wai Nu is a diminutive 27-year-old with pro-democracy activism in her genes and a quarter of her young life spent behind bars. The former political prisoner is now working to end the persecution faced by her people, the stateless Rohingya Muslims in western Burma. T [...]

Burmese Children’s Rights Violated in...

Burmese Children’s Rights Violated in Thai Detention Centers: HRW
By Nyein Nyein, September 2, 2014 CHIANG MAI, Thailand — Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Tuesday urged the Thai government to stop arbitrarily and indefinitely detaining migrant children, including Burmese, in violation of international law. In a 67-page report launched in Bangkok, the US-based international rights group details how Thailand’s im [...]

Enumeration of Rohingya a “comp...

Enumeration of Rohingya a “complete failure”, census observers say
By Tim Mclaughlin August 21, 2014 Independent observers of the nationwide census conducted earlier this year have called the enumeration of Rohingya Muslims a “complete failure”, saying the process fell short of international standards in Rakhine State where the minority group was barred by the government from self-identifying. Th [...]

Arakan High Court rejects appeal in T...

Arakan High Court rejects appeal in Taunggup lynching case
By AYE NAI August 19, 2014 The High Court of Arakan State on Friday rejected an appeal by lawyers of seven men accused of murdering 10 Muslim pilgrims in 2012. The trial will now go ahead as scheduled at Sandoway [Thandwe] District Court. Charged in May with the murder – which involved a Buddhist mob grabbing a group of Muslims from a bus in [...]

Rohingya Children in Burma Camps Goin...

Rohingya Children in Burma Camps Going Hungry
By Esther Htusan/AP August 9, 2014 OHN TAW GYI CAMP, Arakan State — Born just over a year ago, Dosmeda Bibi has spent her entire short life confined to a camp for one of the world’s most persecuted religious minorities. And like a growing number of other Muslim Rohingya children who are going hungry, she’s showing the first signs of severe ma [...]

Screening of ‘Bengali’ Citizenship Bi...

Screening of ‘Bengali’ Citizenship Bids Begins in Arakan State
By Lawi Weng August 7, 2014 RANGOON — The local government in Arakan State’s Myebon Township has begun examining the citizenship applications of nearly 1,100 residents who have self-identified as “Bengalis” under a controversial pilot program covering Muslims in the state known internationally as Rohingya. Khin Soe, an immigration officer who [...]

Govt Disagrees With UN Rights Envoy’s...

Govt Disagrees With UN Rights Envoy’s Burma Concerns
By Lawi Weng July 29, 2014 RANGOON — A senior Burmese government official has pushed back against a statement from the United Nations on Monday, in which its human rights envoy to Burma warned that the country risked backtracking on political reforms and urged the government to allow more freedom to journalists and activists. “We do not agree [...]

UN envoy warns of ‘permanent segregat...

UN envoy warns of ‘permanent segregation’ in Rakhine State
Monday, July 28, 2014 Myanmar’s plans for the future of Rakhine State could result in the “permanent segregation” of its Buddhist and Muslim communities, a United Nations envoy warned in Yangon on July 26. The UNrapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, said there was a “deplorable” situation in camps f [...]

MSF “cautiously optimistic” about inv...

MSF “cautiously optimistic” about invitation in to Rakhine State
Monday, July 28, 2014 Medecins Sans Frontieres has expressed cautious optimism about its invitation to resume operations in Rakhine State and hoped to begin work soon there soon, the international medical aid organisation said on July 25. In a statement issued in Amsterdam, it welcomed announcements by the Union and Rakhine governments that i [...]

Conditions ‘deplorable’ in Arakan IDP...

Conditions ‘deplorable’ in Arakan IDP camps, says new UN envoy
By Alex Bookbinder July 27, 2014 Concluding a ten-day visit to Burma, the UN’s new special rapporteur on human rights, Yanghee Lee, painted a decidedly mixed picture of the country’s ongoing reform process at a press conference held at Rangoon airport on Saturday evening. She described the conditions in displacement camps across the state as [...]

Rohingya in Arakan Suffer Worsening H...

Rohingya in Arakan Suffer Worsening Health Crisis
By Paul Mooney & Thin Lei Win/Reuters Friday, July 25, 2014 INN DIN, Arakan State — Visitors to the medical facility in one of Burma’s poorest and most remote regions are greeted by a padlocked gate and a sign reading: “Clinic closed until further notice.” A vehicle that used to ferry around doctors and patients parked next to the neat co [...]

Arakan govt invites MSF and others to...

Arakan govt invites MSF and others to resume aid
By DVB July 24, 2014 The Arakan State government has invited international aid organisations — including Médecins Sans Frontières, which was dramatically expelled from the state nearly five months ago — to continue operations in the troubled region. In an announcement published by state media on Thursday, Arakan leadership said that 24 specif [...]


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