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About Us

The Swedish Rohingya Association founded in 2013, registered in Stockholm - Sweden with the registration No.802493-8428. SRA is a politically, culturally and religiously disengaged non-profit organization with aim to follow and make awareness about the situation for the Myanmar's Rohingya minority Muslim group in Arakan/Rakhine and in the diaspora. These people have been called by the UN "the world's most persecuted people" and the situation for them has long been very desperate. They have lost their citizenship due to the 1982 citizenship law which is not compatible by the law of international citizenship standards. Now Rohingya are considered by the legal authorities in Myanmar as illegal immigrants while they are living in the country for centuries.

Our Works

SRA is not only a representative organization for Rohingya people in Sweden, but also deal with Rohingya issues in Arakan State - Burma (Myanmar). SRA will continue to push pressure to Burmese government to review 1982 citizenship law. SRA believes that empowering of Rohingya generation for building up a civil society in Arakan. SRA deems that free media is also vital for society because it will encourage more transparency and accountability which we have not seen much so far in Arakan - Burma (Myanmar).


SRA has continually held many events with other local and international NGOs. SRA just held hearing session about Rohingya ethnic cleansing in Arakan.


SRA acknowledge that it is important to empower Rohingya man and women to be more active educationally, socially and politically.

Service Title

SRA is dedicated to the best of its members' interest. SRA upholds democracy, equality, gender-balance and solidarity among its members.

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Stockholm, Sweden

+46 73 771 8573